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30K Saturday: End of Week 2

This week wasn’t bad at all, considering that marketing for Halloween has been so rampant the past week.  I didn’t have as many temptations to spend as I did last week.  Perhaps it is because our family visitors are now gone, or maybe it’s because the 30K Saturday theme is simply catching on.

One temptation that I really had this week was an urge to purchase books for my son at his school’s book fair. However, luckily for us, we have a beautiful well stock public library that my son and I had just visited the other day.  So, he was all set for books.

Another temptation was my son’s team soccer pictures, but once I saw the extremely marked up prices it was a no-brainer that I wouldn’t be preventing wealth on those.  Besides, I have my own high-end digital SLR that takes excellent pictures.

Other than those two temptations, nothing else really occurred.  I guess that it’s easy when you don’t leave the house because of school, and much time spent trying to market a blog.

The last thing that I did was spend money to try to set up my own URL at WordPress to transfer this blog, but, after realizing that it would be more work than I had time for, I quickly got my money back and will get a refund later in the upcoming week.

Here are the statistics for the week:

Temptations that did not materialize and their associated potential costs:

  1. The school book fair: $15.00
  2. My son’s team picture package: $47.00

Total costs averted: $63.00

Actual spending on needs:

  1. Groceries for the week: $51.29
  2. Cough drops: $1.49
  3. Gas to fill up the car: $15.00

Total spending on needs: $67.78

Actual spending on things not necessarily needed:

  1. Setting my son’s allowance up on a pre-paid debit card: $20.00 – but, really priceless
  2. Trying to move form Blogger to WordPress: $12.00

Total spending on things not necessarily needed: $32.00

Total spent during the week: ($92.78)

Total deposited towards $30K Saturday: $1500.00

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