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30K Saturday: End of Week 3

This past week was pretty good.  I think the less that I spend, the more relaxed I am.  Usually, I spend lots of time balancing my weekly transactions on my online bank account against what I have in my personal finance software, Quicken, to ensure that everything has cleared or at least posted.  But what I’ve come to find out is that when you don’t spend money, you definitely don’t have a need to check your accounts as often.  Furthermore, whatever your paycheck was seven days ago, you can be sure that it’s about the same.

Anyway, I had one strong temptation during this past week.  My buddy wanted us to go out for lunch.  Two things was working against me.  Of course the first reason was the fact that I am limiting all of my discretionary spending to maximize my savings for 30K Saturday, but the second reason was that I actually had brought my lunch to work (no preventing wealth for me!).  But, because what’s important is the quality of friendship spent over a table discussing anything from relationships to finances, I went anyway.  However, I vowed not to spend a dime (as he laughed and called me ridiculously cheap).

Needless to say, I succeeded in not preventing wealth, but feel bad at the same time.

He twisted my arm to order something anyway — on his dime.  But to my credit, I said “no” about three times before I gave finally gave in.  So, I ordered a ten-piece hot wing meal for about $4.50.

So once again, I think that I performed pretty well and I figured I’d reward myself yesterday for saving $5000 so far towards 30K Saturday.  Instead of cooking dinner yesterday, the family enjoyed some pizza while I had a couple of beers. 🙂

Here are the statistics for the week:

Temptations that did not materialize and their associated potential costs:

  1. Buying a pre-made Halloween outfit for my son: $40.00

Total costs averted: $40.00

Actual spending on needs:

  1. Groceries: $338.49 (Shopped for 3 week’s worth — time is precious)
  2. Medicine at the drug store: $7.78
  3. My wife’s college textbooks: $87.00
  4. Some winter shirts for my son: $23.00
  5. Gas: $26.29 (and a full tank! 🙂

Total spending on needs: $482.56
Actual spending on things not necessarily needed:

  1. Materials to make my son a wizard outfit for Halloween: $20.97 (in reality, priceless)
  2. Domino’s Pizza: $12.70
  3. Beer: $6.97
  4. Books for a relative that’s “away for a while”: $37.86

Total spending on things not necessarily needed: $78.50

Total spent during the week: ($561.06)

Total deposited towards $30K Saturday: $565.00

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