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30K Saturday: End of Week 4

This week was a bummer.
The release for Call of Duty: Blacks Ops was Tuesday, my tenants called to tell me that the microwave went out, and it was my 9th year anniversary.

Of course, one of my buddies who I enjoy playing video games with almost harassed me into getting the newest and highly anticipated video game.  But I couldn’t do it. Despite his stern tone of telling me, “I expect you to pay full retail value” for the game, I passed.  I enjoy my video games, but I’m usually the one shopping in the bargain bin for games under $25, even if I have to wait a year for the game. Furthermore, If I would have purchased the game, I would have been stuck paying for Microsoft’s $60 Xbox Live Gold account–no thanks, at least not until my book is complete.

The microwave problem also sucked. I’ll give the details to this story on Monday. For now, just know that I spent almost $200 that I wasn’t planning on spending — $200 that takes away from 30K Saturday.
Last was my anniversary.  I was all set to spend money on an extravagant meal with no complaints.  After all, this day comes only once a year.

But on our way to a nice quaint town to celebrate at a restaurant  that we’ve never visited, my wife said that instead of Italian, she had the taste for a burger, but not just any burger! (Bless her heart 🙂 )  So instead, we turned around and made our way to Bobby Flay’s Burgers in Mohegan Sun — and it was well worth the trip.

After our meal — burger’s medium well and sweet potato fries–we made a pit stop at the casino’s Krispe Kreme’ for dessert and coffee, and boy were the hot creamy “fat pills” a pleasant complement to our dinner. Lastly, we ended the night enjoying a movie at the theater– Due Date — that we laughed an hour and a half through.

The lesson learned on this anniversary: You don’t have to spend a bunch of money to have a great time with your significant other — we enjoyed every minute of each other’s company.

Here are the statistics for the week:

Temptations that did not materialize and their associated potential costs:

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops: $60.00
  2. An extravagant  anniversary dinner and outing: $500.00
  3. Chinese restaurant: $30.00

Total costs averted: $590.00

Actual spending on needs:

  1. Groceries: $9.67
  2. Parts to fix an appliance: $170.11
  3. A temporary replacement appliance: $63.81

Actual spending on things not necessarily needed: $243. 59

  1. Drinks for my son’s parent vs. children soccer bar-b-q: $10.40
  2. Dining out with a friend: $15.09
  3. Drinks for my son’s soccer award banquet: $3.51
  4. Date night for our anniversary: $43.09

Total spending on things not necessarily needed: $72.09

Total spent during the week: ($315.68)

Total deposited towards $30K Saturday: $500.00

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