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30K Saturday: End of Week 5

Well, what can I say? I don’t have much going towards savings this week.  I am paid bi-weekly and had already stashed $500 towards 30K Saturday last week.

I currently have about $490 in my checking account before getting paid again on the 30th of this month, but I anticipate about $300 worth of things that I have to pay for.

For one, I have to pay at least $139 to the winner of the Amazon Kindle, and if the winner happens to be from South Africa, then I probably have to add about another $100 for shipping. Next, my tenants are still without a working overhead microwave, so when the parts are delivered I still have to pay about $80 for the service call and labor for fixing the microwave.  And last, I have to pay my college tuition — $141–because my Montgomery G.I. Bill has officially ran out despite the fact that I have only two classes remaining to complete my M.B.A. What a bummer.

So this week, I’ll put away $100, just so I won’t feel too bad.

Here are the statistics for the week:

Temptations that did not materialize and their associated potential costs:

  1. Taking my son to see Harry Potter: $40.00 (if including concession items)

Total costs averted: $40.00

Actual spending on needs:

  1. Groceries: $79.44

Actual spending on things not necessarily needed: $79.44

  1. Breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts: $5.07
  2. Taking my son out to McDonald’s: $9.93 (I didn’t feel like cooking so my laziness helped prevent wealth)
  3. Protein Powder: $30.99
  4. Taking my son out to the discount movies: $10.00 (including concessions)

Total spending on things not necessarily needed: $55.99

Total spent during the week: ($135.43)

Total deposited towards $30K Saturday: $100.00

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