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What is the Money Reset Program

It all starts with educating you about your credit report…

…and then all the way through until you have a personalized zero-based budget that has you setting aside money for future emergencies, debt-payoff, retirement, a vacation, or all of the above. The Money Reset Program was designed by me, for you, to get you up to speed on your personal finances.

The Money Reset Program is short, concise, and solution-driven!

How Does the Money Reset Program Work?

Through the Money Reset Program, I want to help you:

Repair Your Credit

Create Your Budget

Save your first $1,000

Create a Debt Management Plan

Start Investing

Repair Your Credit

If you have poor credit, you likely won’t get hired in any job that deals with money and you’ll be denied loans and credit cards.  If you have poor credit but are approved for loans and credit cards, you’ll pay more fees and interest than someone with excellent credit. Poor credit can cost you thousands of dollars per year. If you want to get a better job, house, or get a credit card, you must start with your credit report. You’ll learn how to gain access to your credit reports for free, how to analyze your report, and how to improve your credit. Analyzing your credit and fixing errors in your credit report can lead to a 100+ point gain in fewer than 3 months!

Create Your Budget

Get a realistic picture of exactly how much money you have. We all have money leaks that we sometimes can’t control, but the first step in controlling these money leaks is to give every dollar a name before you spend it. The second step is to create a budget you can stick to.

It is SUPER IMPORTANT to know how much money you have to help you reach your financial goals. For example, if we determine that you have $500 extra at the end of the month, once all of your mandatory expenses are taken care of, YOU will determine how much of the $500 you’ll be willing to put towards your goals. If you’re aggressive about getting out of debt, for example, you may want to put all $500 towards debt, but if you are more cautious and want to put $200 towards debt, $200 towards savings, and $100 towards retirement, it’ll be totally up to you!

Save Your First $1,000

If you had 60 days to come up with $1,000 could you do it? I bet you could. In this module you’ll learn several ways that you can reduce expenses and earn more money.

Create a Debt Management Plan

Once you get control of your money leaks and you’re ready to begin paying off your debts, we’ll go over the different ways that we can pay them down. I’ll give you the tools to help you determine how much your current debts are costing you, which debt pay-off strategy is best for your situation, and exactly when you’ll be out of debt based on the strategy you choose. Imagine the stress relieved when you know exactly when you’ll be debt-free!

Start Investing

Don’t know how to start investing? Don’t worry, we’ll talk about the importance of investing and how to start investing in this last session of the Money Reset Program. You’ll be well on your way to building wealth.

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What Does the Money Reset Program Cost?

According to the College for Financial Planning 2011 Survey Trends, the average cost of a traditional finance plan is $1,900. The average price to have a credit repair specialist remove errors from your credit report is $79/month for at least. The monthly loan payment for a $15,000 car with poor credit is $464 versus the $334 you can pay when you have excellent credit. You can save $130 per month or $6240 over a 48 month period.

I provide the Money Reset Program for only $97!

Joining the Money Reset Program gives you access to a unique program that helps you finally get your money under control. Not only will you get the guidance set forth in the five solution-driven pillars of the program, you’ll get around the clock personalized assistance to your questions via email for any money concerns relating to the program.

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What Happens after the Money Reset Program Ends?

 Your personal financial situation will be exponentially better. You’ll have $1,000 in your bank account. Your credit score will be increasing. Your debt will be decreasing. And you’ll be well on your way to saving and investing for $1,000,000!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Money Back Seal

You WILL have results after following this program. Remember, I am not only interested in helping you with your money, but also in building a long-term friendship. I never want you to feel disappointed or to think that you’ve wasted your money.