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Personal Finance Books

How We Prevent Wealth: A Personal Finance Reflection – My first of several personal finance books that started my journey to where I stand now…financially. Before you can build wealth or reach for financial independence, you have to take an introspective look at where you stand. Purchase from Amazon in Kindle or Paperback.

How We Prevent Wealth

Before You Get Out of Debt – A short-story, personal finance book based on an actual event that may be just what you need to start your journey to get out of debt. Purchase in the Kindle format.

Before You Can Get Out of Debt

The Wealth Number: The Financial Solution to Pursuing the Job You’d Love  My third of my three personal finance books. The Wealth Number was written to give anyone a step-by-step methodical approach to simplifying their finances and maximizing their savings in order to walk away from jobs they may dislike so they can eventually pursue one they will love.  Purchase from Amazon.

The Wealth Number Book Cover